This online portal has been setup to enable the easy reconciliation of payments made for any of our student activities. Upon payment, the details are automatically updated with us and you get a receipt of every payment straight to your mailbox to aid with your reconciliations or disputes.


This makes the process of fee payment more transparent for both parents and the school (no hidden fees, no missing transactions, reduction in time spent fumbling with bank statements). Once the details are accurate to the information required on the portal, it only takes seconds for payments to be completed by card.


Also, the portal does not save any card information, so the card details are encrypted from all parties.

You should attempt payment through the portal if it fails once. You are only charged when a receipt has been sent to your email so there is no malpractice or fraudulent behaviour.


If attempted payment fails at least 3 times due to your bank not responding, internet provider loading slowly, or disrupted connection, you should contact your location head of school during working hours (8am-3pm weekday). You will be given a registered Tenderhearts Interactive Services Corporate account to proceed with payment.


Please only do this after attempting at least 3 times and speaking with our representative in order to verify which banking partner we are utilising for the academic term (this could change easily during the course of the session so always call to make sure before payments).


Thank you :)


Paystack has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider (loosely referred to as PCI Level 1 compliance).


This is the highest, most stringent level of certification possible in the global payments industry.

Paystack is on the Visa PCI DSS-certified service provider database for Visa Card payments.

Paystack is on the Mastercard Payment Facilitator for Mastercard payments.

Paystack possesses a Payment System Service Providers (PSSP) Commercial Licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria. (