Our Curriculum

- A Work in Progress -

We are authorised to provide pre-primary and primary education by the Governments of Abia State, Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State, through their respective Ministries of Education, all in Nigeria. We are in the process of obtaining registration and authorization for the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), to run side by side with our Nigerian National curriculum which has already been cross-linked with the British and American Curriculums.


OUR CORE VALUES are summed up in the acronym "SKETCHES".

  • SINCERE - Being honest in dealings with one another

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE - Always willing to seek more information

  • EXPLORER - Imbibing the spirit of adventure and inquiry

  • TRUSTING - Easily relying on oneself, in educators and in the Creator

  • COURAGEOUS - Exhibiting boldness and confidence in the face of challenges

  • HARDWORKER - Willing to go through the grind to succeed

  • EMPATHETIC - Always ready to show compassion on the less fortunate

  • STRONG - Being strong in body, soul and spirit; consistency in character.

Sketches literally refer to plans or a drawings or outlines of the traits we desire to cultivate in our children. At Tenderhearts, we envisage that this set of character traits can be built through our mentored guidance of the children in reading wide, co-curricular trips and activities, active listening in class and outdoors, active participation, physical fitness, and in appreciating nature and the Creator.