Our Beginnings
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 The founders of Tenderhearts Schools, Mr. & Mrs. Eni Amogu, whose children were just getting into school age, and who had experienced firsthand some of the challenges posed by new technology in their previous places of work, had paused in 1998, to ask themselves five salient questions:

  • What opportunities and threats does the world in which we live now throw at our children?

  • How can they become useful and productive members of this society given the speed at which all kinds of information are now reaching our children?

  • What kind of physical, social, spiritual, emotional and mental cover would our children require, to be able to live in this new world as useful society members and impact groups?

  • Can our children really compete for the finite resources of the world with other children from other ethnicities, tribes, cultures and languages; and thus make local as well as global impacts?

  • Our children will eventually interconnect with children of different races, religions, tribes, cultures and languages. How do we ensure that they do not lose our local identity in this global world? 

Tenderhearts Schools founded in 2002 became an attempt by the founders at answering these probing questions, using their own children as “guinea pigs” for this new experiment. Sooner than later five other children whose daring parents were prepared to take a calculated risk on the founders, came on board. From there, it became grinding passion and commitment to produce over a decade of fruitful existence.


Thus, we found our purpose – to present to the world an African child (0-12years) who is not in any way physically, socially, emotionally, ethically, spiritually and mentally disadvantaged relative to his/her contemporaries in other parts of the world. They can pursue their own dreams and become a useful member of our society, and the world at large. We provide to society at an affordable cost, teaching and caring methods with extra focus on the growing child’s internal condition in addition to his/her external learning environment. We are compelled to do what we do daily because we believe that one day, this dream will be realized.

At Tenderhearts, we have tried to create an exciting learning environment, which is safe for young learners, and presents them with the opportunity to learn at their full potential while teaching them the dignity of human existence, and therefore its sustainability.

Our vision is "To be an African reference institution."

Starting in 2002..