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 Accepting Rolling Applications

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Enrolment Nursery & Primary

Our challenge in Tenderhearts Schools is to identify what it is about each individual learner that helps them learn better and then tailor our teaching to that learner.

The days of “one method fits all” are gone, while the days of “community power” are here. 

Children learn at different speeds. When they are ready to learn, what interests them, how they choose to learn, what they know and how they demonstrate what they know, are all different.

We aim to know the learners.

Know what they know, and what they do not know. Know what they need to do to get to the next stage. And then give them the tools and resources and equipment that they need to make the next steps.


We get them to think for themselves rather than rely totally on what the teacher has passed on to them. In this way our learners become independent learners, who do not rely on the teacher but use the teacher as a resource to help them achieve.

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Enrolment Secondary 

A smooth transition from elementary school is usually the thought in a parent’s mind when looking for a secondary school for their child. Curriculum, school values, culture, co-curricular activities and opportunities offered to students keep parents searching for a school that will meet all their children’s needs.​

At EMH we’ve put all your thoughts into due consideration and have come up with a safe, vibrant and educationally challenging facility to help students reach their potential academically and socially.

​We deliver a challenging, internationally-minded, Nigerian / British integrated curriculum that takes into consideration the fact that Nigeria’s rich culture and beliefs are important, but students will also require a different set of skills to thrive internationally.​

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