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International Day of Education 2024

To launch the term, we present a captivating photo recap from the International Education Day celebrations on January 24th in Calabar and Aba. These snapshots reveal the vibrant tapestry of global unity, highlighting the transformative power of inclusive education. Join us in reliving these moments and let them inspire a term full of shared learning and boundless possibilities! 🌍📚

In Calabar, students had the honour of hosting Professor German Anagbogu, Associate Professor at the University of Calabar's Faculty of Educational Foundation. He spoke passionately about the importance of establishing a solid foundation in the principles of education. Let these images serve as a reminder of the enriching experiences that lie ahead in our educational journey. 🎓🌟

This is just the first in a long list of events we have planned in both Calabar and Aba. Our goal is to be more expressive, and showcase our curation of experiences for our kids on all our platforms.


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